Chaintech 6BTM – motherboard – Slot 1 – iBX overview and full product specs on CNET. CT-6BTM motherboard and socket layout, connections, user configurable settings, DRAM configuration, Jumper configuration, floppy drive configuration. Chaintech 6BTM – One of you told me that even though my Chainech 6BTM motherboard (about 3 years old) with a Celeron said in the.

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Intel Celeron Processor MhzMhz. Slot 1 Socket for Future Expansion. And to my astonishment, this board is actually a pretty good one. That’s the main reason why I have decided to write a review about it. After reading though Chaintech portfolio, I realised that it is actually quite an establish brand in the States.

The Test – Chaintech 6BTM

However, it’s still a pretty new brand in Singapore. To do so, you only need to download the overclocking bios to flash the bios. If overclocking is not on your mind, it is also advisable to download it’s updated normal bios as Chaintech regularly updates it’s cchaintech to include new features and etc.


For such a low cost BX board, this board runs stability even on a Celeron overclocked at 4 x MHz. Hence, I can’t seem to be able to find anything unstable about it.

Like the Abit BX6, this board is jumperless. Basically, 6vtm allows user to manually set the multiplier and the cpu bus speed.

An interesting feature of this board is that when the home key is depressed for 5 sec while switching on the system, the board will boot at it’s lowest system speed. This is useful if the computer refuses to boot due to overclocking.

Chaintech 6BTM

The bios also allows the user to view the cpu temperature, system temperature and other monitoring data. However, it was able to run at Mhz but too unstable in Windows 98 for Mhz.

It’s inability to change the VCore voltage could be one of the reason why it can’t run at higher than Mhz. Anyway, below is the result that I have tested on the Celeron processor.


Chaintech 6BTM – motherboard – Slot 1 – iBX Overview – CNET

Wintune 98 detected the Celeron as a PII. Test Configuration Processor s: IBM Deskstar 8 6. Diamond Viper V Operation System s: Windows 98 build 4.

In my personally opinion, I feel that the Chaintech 6BTM is a winner in almost all areas except losing out to the Abit BX6 in teams of overclocking capability.

The most attractive being the price and it’s availability of updated bios. Overall Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star.