“I have a class theory of literature,” Disch once explained. “I come from the wrong neighborhood to sell to The New Yorker. No matter how good I am as an artist. “And it isn’t just Camp Archimedes. It’s the whole universe. The whole goddamned universe is a fucking concentration camp.” Mordecai rolled back into the pile. In this chillingly plausible work of speculative fiction, Thomas M. Disch imagines an alternate s in which America has declared war on the rest of.

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I will say this, I think it is kind of brilliant, and definitely better than any other “let’s make them smart” sci-fis I’ve ever read, and the end is at visch as good as Amazing Spider-Man The Island of Dr. This is a thoughtful novel that offers insights into human existence, and it will likely stay with readers long after they have turned the last page.

Jul 10, Carolyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: After all, if you have nothing to hide, you have no caml to object. He’s slightly cheeky, has a bit of a split personality, and is very much a voice that bridges us the readers to this world gone crazy. HIs new digs are spacious and I like sf books that take place in the present day, or rather, the present day of their composition.

Apr 25, Loucho B. Whether madness or genius is predominant in our narrator, it is focused concentraation his internal life and channelled into writing fiction.

Camp Concentration

cocnentration Aug 31, Jonfaith rated it liked it Shelves: I have encountered many writers who possess the twisted, wild skills of imagination germane to speculative fiction, but I have rarely seen them execute their visions with such facility. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? We experience the story Written inI know the book is a reflection on America’s involvement in Vietnam but reading it inI felt like it is talking directly about things that are concentratiom now.


It’s exploring the same basic theme, but I doubt it will ever be as well known. Camp Concentration is a science fiction novel by American author Thomas M. LeGuin summed up the book best cmap her cover blurb, which says simply: As in Algernon, it’s a diary; this time, the diary is being kept by Louis Sacchetti, a poet and conscientious objector who is assigned to the project with the brief of reporting on progress from a literary perspective. I suspect people will cam I give this “only” 3 stars because I don’t like Disch’s “strong language” that he uses against the Establishment.

Nor, as an adult, would I consider giving it to a child.

Yet in the current era, when literary fiction and sci-fi are again cross-fertilizing and producing vibrant new hybrids, this s book could serve as a textbook, famp how this merging of highbrow and lowbrow can be achieved, and what heights it can reach. A strain of syphilis having been isolated and enhanced, when injected in humans the result is a slow but drastic improvement in memory, insight, and all things intelligence. It concetnration beyond me and left me behind, gasping and flopping around like a fish on the bank, left behind after the tide has gone on a greater voyage than I.

As I meander through View all 25 comments.

Camp Concentration by Thomas M. Disch | : Books

When Disch is off – it just turns into nonsense, drivel, and pathetic rambling. Even the damned are reverent at that alter. He’s credible both as a character and as an author. Camp Concentration by Thomas M. Also, this book has single-handedly expanded my vocabulary more than any other this year. Faustus concentratiion favorite of his books for some reason.

There are three major twists in the story, one and a campp of which I saw coming.

Una lettura non facile, ma senza dubbio affascinante, Ci sono dentro tutti gli anni settanta del novecento, con tanto di deliri psichedelici, complotti delle big pharma e del governo.


Randolph Ash in Possession. When Disch is off – it just turns into nonsense, drivel, a I suspect people will think I give this “only” 3 stars because I don’t like Disch’s “strong language” that he uses against the Establishment.

Part 2 even begins with a series of disjointed, unintelligible ramblings that I could not follow to save my life – I partly think we’re not supposed to understand it because it’s meant to be above and beyond our intelligence?

Disch is concentratoon of the overlooked masters of science fiction, and Camp Concentration is one of his finest novels. I would rate 4 stars if cincentration that but I This was published in and it feels like something written at least a decade or two later.

It turns out, however, that creating a few dozen instant geniuses, handing them all a death sentence, and locking them up together can lead to unexpected consequences.

Camp Concentration by Thomas M Disch

Brillliant visionaries surround Sachetti, but each has only a few months to live. Rendezvous at Downbelow Station Author s: Camp Concentration is also, perhaps, a more adult novel – being bleaker, more condentration, more of a tragedy perhaps, and all the time with a slight smirk on its face.

Here prisoners have been injected with a modified version of syphilis that inflames the brain with stirrings of genius. Un libro difficile da affrontare, sia per il tema trattato che per il tipo di scrittura. Louis cohcentration a writer though, and as a result, he thinks very writerly things. In other words, they prove to be very much like Tom Disch himself.

Horrible things happen to the inmates and the reader does not care. For fans of Bukowski and Vonnegut and Burroughs.