An Open Source RDL engine for rendering reports to WinForms or Page Language=”C#” MasterPageFile=”~/”. I have referred some articles in this website for output using Am new to C#.net built a application for the same as below gives an error saying I had renamed manually an item to project. Well, if the report’s on the report server, probably the easiest way is just to send the user to a URL that will generate the report as needed. Try something like this .

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NET or Winforms viewer. It includes full VB. NET support including importing external libraries. This is a lightweight high speed report renderer and includes an RDL compiler to further improve performance of report projects. It is useful to anyone wishing to deploy Microsoft Reporting Services report to a web site without having to pay for a SQL Server license, or to deploy reports in a WinForms applications.

This project was started as a means of including RDL reports into a web site without having to pay Microsoft for a SQL Server licence for the web server. NET report viewer worked. I spent some time with the open source project RDL Project 3 but was unhappy with the partial VB interpreter and the complex rendering algorithms.

VisualBasics namespace to compile any included source and expressions into an assembly.

Each function in the assembly is put into a list of delegates which can be called by index during report processing. The only expressions that can’t be compiled directly are ones including the aggregate functions like SumAvgetc.

For these, the VB source code from the RDL report is modified using regular expressions to wrap any aggregate function call into an iterator.

Rendering is done to an intermediate model and then rendered to the final form. The intermediate model is renfer by the GenericRender class which is returned by the Report.

Running a RDL/RDLC (SQL Report) in ASP.NET without SSRS

The GenericRender represents a simple box model which can be easily translated to one of the final rendering classes. The WinForms viewer works directly with the GenericRender class.


The simple box model of the GenericRender class allows simple rendering to the various final forms which is evidenced by the RenderToText class being less than lines of total code. The Parameters control includes a View button which when pressed triggers the ViewReport event in which the report is rendered and loaded into the ReportViewer control. In the following WinForms example, it is assumed that you have a form with a Parameters control, a ReportViewer control, and a button named btnEmployeeSalesSummary.

When the button is pressed, the Employee Sales Summary report is loaded and put into the Parameters control. When the Parameters view button is pressed, the ViewReport event is raised where the report is rendered and put into the ReportViewer control.

In this example, the InitializeDataSet event is registered which may be used if the programmer wants to substitute a custom data table for the one defined in the RDL report. You can find viewable sample reports and the current source code at this site. Articles Quick Answers Messages. Mike Emerson20 Dec Please Sign up or sign in to vote.

Download source – 1. This needs to be included in any reporting project. NET library including a report viewer control, a parameters control, a print function, and an export function. ReportParameters[ ” Category” ]. ReportParameters[ ” StartDate” ]. ReportParameters[ ” EndDate” ].

CreateText ” Product Line Sales.

.net – Render SSRS .RDL to PDF and just open it – Stack Overflow

Write xls ; sw. Render render ; Rdl. Write pdf ; sw. Close ; Rennder following ASP. SetReport rpt ; ReportViewer. History 17 th December, I have been working with MS dotnet since 1. Virtualization for System Rd.

Open source workflow engine in C. First Prev Next Exception: Requested value ‘ElementNormal’ was not found. Andrew Friedl Sep ro Member 8-Feb Member Mar 6: Mike Emerson 1-Jan Mike Emerson 3-Jan Pranay Rana Dec 0: Software Developer Senior Sawiki Software. This occurred in ParseAttribute XmlNode attr.


The report rdl dates back a few years. Is this project still supported? But, unable to access your website Sawikifsoft Sau Nov I am looking for reportview for asp.

Rendre export functionality exports snapshot of report viewer. I agree, with what you said in the background regarding to the ASP. NET report viewer from Microsoft.

I will download the RDL to see how it works http: My vote of 1 Koru. Error in report parsing motagaly Jun 5: Hello, I’ve designed a report using the Business Intelligence studio that comes along with SQL Server R2 – Reporting Services Express I’m budilfing a small windows forms application and I’ve complies with the sample code in this article, now when I run the code I get an exception at this lie Rdl.

Run ; The exection is “System. Render Container box, Context context at Rdl.

Render Container box, Context parentContext at Rdl. OnClick EventArgs e at System. Run Form mainForm at Cars.

An Open Source RDL Engine

Database credentials [modified] Member Mar 6: Using the sample script to write rennder PDF, the file is created but it’s empty when I open it in Acrobat. I can run the report in ReportBuilder 2 with no problem. Shame you built it with a licensed 3rd party tool. T hoes of us without a 2, tool budget, do not have infragistic tools and therefore the demo will not compile. Looks nice otherwise, but needing to drop a few gran on the building tool kind of negates the value of the SSRS replacement.

You may want to produce a version that does not require the tool Is it used for anything more the Excel conversions? I’m working on switching to an open source XLS library. Should be done soon. The CSharpJExcel library is open source. Small typo in the first sentence: