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Because this attribute is of the Boolean type, true and ttuorial are identified as the only possible values. Back in the process diagram view for the forms, click Confirm resolution to define its form. You need to define to which users these apply, and exactly how.

The configuration only lets you upload files with a. Make sure you drag Subject and release it well inside the group when the “Drop Here” message inside highlights by showing a greenish line. The Pie menu is the set of elements popping up to the immediate right, when you click a given shape. The possible severity levels are predefined, as you will see later in the tutorial.

Bizagi video tutorials

Tuotrial the Required property and, from its drop-down, select Yes. Use the Add Severity button to input a new value. If you want to deploy your application and test it in the cloud, refer to the next section.

Add these as String type attributes to store text. The purpose of our certifications is to enable individuals to test the specialized knowledge and skills they need to deliver high-quality Bizagi projects successfully. When you save the user, you return to the window where you see all users listed. For more information on this, refer to Customizing controls behavior.

Bizagi Maintenance

For this user with the Requester role, admin menu options and further possibilities are disabled. Since Bizagi Studio bundles an integrated Work portal, you rely on this option to perform quick prototyping, unit tests, and overall verification of how the processes behave in execution.

Tutorial only consider distributing workload according to role definitions, as we described at the beginning, where a Requester and a Help desk agent role are involved.


Switch to the Organizations tab, and assign the current default Organization named Organization. Certifications The purpose of our certifications is to enable individuals to test the specialized knowledge and skills they need to deliver high-quality Bizagi projects successfully. Click Add when done.

By clicking Addnaming the attribute as Ticket attachmentsand in the third column Type selecting File so this attribute supports having the user upload documents or file attachments in general. Finally, for Review and document, click it and set an 8-hour duration. You have already configured the Analysis role.

You can test every scenario for which you designed and configured your workflow in Bizagi Studio.

Bizagi Elearning – Free online training and certifications

As a final step, define the estimated time for completion of each of the three Tjtorial. With Bizagi, you do this by defining entities and their inner attributes, to organize how information will be stored, as well as defining possible relationships between entities.

In this tuorial, we set access rights according to role definitions. Though you see a notice that there are no further activities expected from this user, use the search box to browse for this you just worked on. Click New user to repeat the these steps for a second user. Delete the default Group label, and name it as Ticket details. Rename default elements in the canvas using the right-click and Bbizagi text options to have a tidier and self-descriptive process model.

Further, for the Analyze and resolve form, we are setting which information users can add or edit. Speed up your learning process. This tutorial sets you up with the basics of producing a simple yet fully-functional process, considering a secure design, and through ten steps which you can complete within about an hour.

You may need to scroll down to click Save and persist your changes. To make sure that while dragging and dropping, it connects to an existing shape and does not simply create a new onebizagii the mouse button when the target shape i.


We help organizations to transform into tutlrial businesses. Repeat the procedure you used with Analyze and resolve. For further information about performers, refer to Tutoria, participants. Click the Start Event shape Report ticket:. You are return to the process diagram focused on performers, and can now see that performers for all Activities are properly defined.

Add details in the Basic Information tab, for the first user. With Bizagi, you can create an application with any number of processes, but for the sake of simplicity in this tutorial, we will create just this one.

Click the Forms icon to move into step three or click the Next arrow to the right:.

If you did not fill in a required field Subject, Detailed description or SeverityIbzagi displays a prompt to remind you to provide the missing information:. For this new one, change its data type to one that is not from the Common Types list.

Type 2 as the case identifier the one assigned to user U03 -Juliette Leroy- and hit Enter key. Where the workflow continues from the Gatewayand because this specific shape is meant to support the process workflow splitting into more than one possible path, you can also use the Pie menu to include an additional Sequence Flow that automatically draws a connection to an existing shape.

View details from previous activities. Click New user to repeat the same steps to create a fourth and final user.