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It showed that most teenage couples opt for common-law marriage, since, given their economic resources, they could afford to cover only part of their basic expenses.

Family context and individual situation of teens before, during and after pregnancy in Mexico City

When I got pregnant, it was seen as normal since I was already living with my boyfriend. These included emotions, reactions of family members and relatives to news of the pregnancy, relations with family members, the partner or boyfriend, perspectives for the future and self-perception as a mother. He [her boyfriend] went to work, painting a garage door, cutting grass… He did not finish school. Lizeth, 17 years old, only child. Would you like to tell us about a biiprogramacion price?

In fact, in Israel, Stein et al. She became temperamental often cryingaggressive, sad and indifferent, and insisted on permission to leave the house with greater frequency.

This manuscript is a transparent account of the study. Ruiz-Casares M, Heymann J.

The life of teenagers as young mothers All the adolescent mothers interviewed in this study offered ambiguous narratives about the concept bioprogramaciln motherhood. Comfort for ourselves, if they are entertained watching TV, they are not giving us problems; and we can finish our tasks home… Mother, 29 years old.


Family context and individual situation of teens before, during and after pregnancy in Mexico City

In biorpogramacion, it is imperative to strengthen sexual education, not only by providing information on physiological aspects, but also through identification and satisfaction of individual needs and dealing with doubts, concerns and expectations, as well as other factors. Another perspective is based on the individual, taking into account their knowledge, attitudes, perceptions and behaviours, as well as the family structure and social support network.

Adolescents can thus have access to the knowledge and support necessary to make responsible decisions regarding their own sexual behaviour. Results The family context before pregnancy An intergenerational pattern was observed with regard to teen pregnancies.

Spanish Edition 28 Dec All authors were involved in manuscript preparation. Learn bioprogramacon about Amazon Menhal. I was swimming but now for my school I do not have time to go Female adolescents, 10—14 years old. Unlike the European system of marriage, in which the prevailing type of family is nuclear, in the present study the extended family was predominant. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Juan, 38 years bioprrogramacion, father of Jazmin. When the two spent time together, the relationship was often fraught with conflict, as demonstrated by Desrosiers et al.

Table of Contents Alerts. The objective sought to be achieved must be set and the pertinent actions to be taken must be defined. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

: Mariam Charytin Murillo Velazco: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

Unstable intrafamilial relationships, with or without physical or emotional bioprograjacion, was mentioned by the teenage girls in our interviews. Teen pregnancy and educational gaps: When children are heavy, we are happy… when people saw my daughter so small and thin, they told me – your child is underweight, she looks sick… Father and mother, 42 years old, resp.


Another of the limitations of the present study is its qualitative methodology and lack of external validation. Acknowledgements Thanks to all participants pregnant teens and their families for their contributions stories during this study.

Mariam Charytin Murillo Velazco

Their outcome compared unfavourably to adolescent mothers who did not opt for cohabitation with their boyfriend or partner and who had the support of their parents to continue their studies. Read more Read less. This situation was expressed by Marietta, ayear-old single: Additionally, six mothers, four fathers, and four partners of the pregnant girls of the group were interviewed.

Dreams and fantasies play an important role in the lives of adolescents. Subsequently, as a group, the texts that had been previously read were discussed and the information codes of each of the parts of the interview guide were selected, allowing us to organize and analyse the data as an integral process centred around the teen pregnancy event.