Project Report By Rajeev Prajapati TRAINING REPORT. Express gratitude to those who were associated with my project training in BHEL. A Training report On “TURBINE MANUFACTURING” At BHEL HARIDWAR Submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for the degree of. Training Report on Manufacturing of Turbo Generator at BHEL Haridwar. Hitesh Gupta .. BLOCK-2 Fabrication (Steam, Hydro & gas Turbine) iii. BLOCK-3 Gas.

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This is called nozzle-passing frequency e xcitation. Custom made hydro sets of Francis, Pelton and Kaplan ty pes for different head discharge combination are also engineering and manufactur ed by BHEL. A strong engineering base enables the Company to undertake turnkey delivery of electric substances up to kV level series compensation systems for increasing power transfer capacity of transmission lines and improving system stability and voltage regulationshunt compensation systems for power factor and voltage improvement and HVDC systems for economic transfer of bulk power.

It progressed rapidly and three more factories went into production in Steel spacers are spot welded on stamping.


In such cases, where it is not poss ible to avoid resonance, a damping element is to be used in the LP blades to red uce the dynamic stresses, so that the blades can operate continuously under reso nance also. The damping element, which reduces the vibrations which necessarily oc cur in the blades due to the steam flowing through the blades.

When the frictional force between the rubbing surfaces is ve ry small as compared to the excitation force, the surfaces slip, resulting in fr iction damping. This type of kinetic energy conversion is common in green energy cycles for applications ranging from larger wind turbines to small er hydrokinetic turbines currently being designed for and demonstrated in river and tidal applications.


In the yearit was ranked ninth most innovative company in the world by US business magazine Forbes. Electric Rolling Stock x.

Published by Godfrey Gordon Modified over 2 years ago. They were strong, general ly well balanced as they were machined over the total surface.

In Figurethe graphic is colored to indicate th e general trend of temperature drop through a turbine. Fabrication Fabricated parts of steam turbine, water boxes, storage tank, hydro turbine part s VI. Its operations are spread over 11 manufacturing plants and number of engineering and service divisions located across the country.

Registration Forgot your password? Some of t he common secondary or machining processes are: Neutral to earthing be earthed through a distribution transformer loaded with a resistor. This help BHEL to keep pace with the worldwide technological progress and offer state of the art equipment to its customer. High pressure and temperature fluid at the inlet of the turbine exit as lower pressure and temperature fluid.

First plant was established in Bhopal in ; in Haridwar in January, Today BHEL has 14 manufacturing divisions, 9 service centers, 4 power sector regional centre and about project sites. This can be done by a manual process or by us ing a machine called machine tool traditional machines namely lathe, milling ma chine, drilling, shaper, planner, slotter.

The core design to permit the flow of earth fault current of at least 15A for 1 second without major any core damage.

It is engaged in the design, engineering, manufacture, construction, testing, commissioning and servicing of a wide range of products and services for the core sectors of the economy, viz. BHEL is today the largest engineering enterprise of its kind in India, with a well-recognized track record of performance making profits continuously since Heavy casting and forging.

This procedure for measurement of DC resistance of stator and rotor winding of T. It achieved a sales turnover of Rs. BHEL has proven turnkey capa bilities for executing power projects from trianing to commissioning, it possesse s the technology and capability to produce thermal sets with super critical para meters up to MW unit rating and gas turbine generator sets of up to MW unit rating.


Integrity and fairness in all matters.

These governors are used in turbines for controlling the speed of rotor wit hin the certain limits. Its design dep ends upon the centrifugal and steam bending forces of the blade.

Bhel haridwar training report !!

With good design and great care this problem can be solved. Assem bhrl section— In this section assembly of steam turbines up to MW Is assembled. Diesel Generating Sets v. There are three reasons for usin g impulse profile for the first stage. Some processes produces finish products or articles into its usual form whereas others do not, and require further working to finish component to the desired shape and size.

Training Report on Manufacturing of Turbo Generator at BHEL Haridwar | Hitesh Gupta –

The main features of core are — i. Skip to main content. The training was specified under the Turbine Manufacturing Department.

Under this collaboration agreement BHEL has established strong design manufacturing and servicing base for units up to MW ratings. Up to 55 Tons per Piece Wt.

The typical roots used for the HP moving blades for various steam tur bine applications are shown in the following figure: Th e resonant reoprt of a system therefore depends upon the amount of damping in the system which is determined by the relative duration of slip and stick in th e system, i.