Ardashir Vakil was born in Bombay and now lives in London. Ardashir Vakil’s award-winning first novel, Beach Boy (), is Bombay’s answer to James. Marrying a universal story (an adolescent boy’s coming-of-age) with a specific locale (India in the s), Indian writer Vakil has produced a charming and. Beach Boy by Ardashir Vakil – book cover, description, publication history.

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He has taught English at several London comprehensive schools and currently teaches Creative Writing at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Beach Boy: Buy Beach Boy by Vakil Ardashir at Low Price in India |

His short stories have been anthologised and broadcast on BBC Radio. His first novel, Beach Boycharts the adventures of 8-year old Cyrus Readymoney who lives in Bombay. He continues to publish regularly in international journals, and contributes to BBC broadcasts and other conferences. Short stories have appeared in Raritan: A poignantly autobiographical work of fiction, it centres upon Cyrus Readymoney, a privileged Parsi boy, and his formative years at a strict Jesuit school during a period of family turmoil and crisis.

Praised by some, criticised by others, for its transient preoccupation with the superficial and mundane surfaces of urban life — the novel nevertheless seems to faithfully capture the thought processes, and cinematic imagination, of an eight-year- old boy. Ben is a teacher and aspiring writer once again the biography the author is partially staged who lives with his wife Priya and son Whacka in north London.

The narrative is largely composed of interior monologues and stream of consciousness moments that, along with Beach Boyrecall a modernist literary tradition.

As Eleanor Byrne described it in The Independent:. The routine he describes is full of associations: It’s as if everything important that’s ever happened to you finds its way into some recess of the brain.


On his regular route to work, Ben passes the intersection where Priya “knocked over a motorcyclist, sent him careering into the window of E Wood, butcher”.

Ardashir Vakil – Literature

On Farringdon Road, he drives by the offices of The Enquirer, “where he was nearly hired as restaurant critic, but lost out to Leigh Perry whose face now grins out from billboards” …. One Day is a powerful study of character and cohabitation: The novel is also a brutally honest depiction of marital relations as Ben reserved, disciplined and hardworking struggles increasingly to square his life with the passionate, disorganized and unfaithful Priya. However, it is the content rather oby the form of these narratives that has attracted most critical interest to date.

This accusation appears to have been self-consciously worked through in One Daywhich can be productively read on one level as a self-referential work of metafiction: Thus at one point, Ben, the struggling food writer, encounters Jehan, a successful if arrogant Indian author who stirs in the protagonist certain less than vakol emotions: As Leo Benedictus wrote of the novel in The Observer: One Day is one of the cleverest pieces of new writing that “people like us” will see this year.

Why do I write? Because I think that I can get into words something that might make my readers feel the way I have felt, throughout my life, when I read certain stories and novels. This feeling, in its totality, can be described as a recognition of the joy of being alive and awake to the sadness and pleasure that makes us human beings. It includes laughter and epiphany, madness and misery, hope and natural beauty.

Above all, it attests to the transformative power of description and storytelling. Our poetryadvent pick for today promises spiritual fulfilment and will put you on the path to happiness.

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Ardashir Vakil

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bpy Biography Ardashir Vakil was born in Bombay and now lives in London. Critical perspective Bibliography Awards Author statement. As Eleanor Byrne described it in The Independent: Author statement Why do I write? Sign Up to the Newsletter.

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