Hey all, anybody know where I can find an online manual for the bcxlt? TIA. You can get the manual on the link below. %20Manuals/ Bearcat/Bearcat%20BCXLT%20(Manual).pdf. , BCXLT restore lost frequency English language (2 Kbytes) A new feature is “buried” in XLT owners’ manual, and is not mentioned in the.

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I have two XLTs, and bought my first one over a year ago.

Uniden Bearcat BC 760XLT Manuals

Generous coverage is given to the traditional scanner bands, including aircraft, 10 meter FM, 6 meters, and the MHz ranges. Although Uniden sales bc670xlt claims the cellular telephone bands are excluded, my XLT came equipped with this coverage.

Grove no longer offers the cellular res- toration modification. When using the XLT with an outside antenna, I experi- enced intermodulation distortion from paging transmitters, as was true with the 40 channel XLT. In both cases, the front end circuitry is probably being overloaded driven into the non-linear region by the strong paging signals.

All is not lost, however. I bought this radio to monitor local signals, and no intermodulation products were heard when using the XLT connected to an indoor antenna. In this respect, the XLT fares better than the XLT, which sometimes experiences paging interference using only its internal whip antenna.

The XLT does receive images One can hear pilots, actually bc60xlt in the MHz range, while scanning the MHz band.


Uniden Scanner UBCXLT User Guide |

Images are nothing new. Experience shows that scanners employing up conversion, with high IFs, are less likely to suffer image problems. I have a difficult time monitoring Naperville Police on My calculations confirm that the XLT can hear The third harmonic of The TV problem arises because the 4th harmonic of I can usually fix this by changing a single resistor, but the surface mount construction, and manuql of a schematic make modification more difficult in the XLT.

Now for a scanner history lesson. Electra’s Bearcat scanner was introduced in the timeframe, and became a favorite of scanner enthusiasts. The included a new “Service Search” feature, whereby several FCC allocated frequencies were preprogrammed by the factory.

Service Search banks for Ham, Industrial, Local Government, Forestry, Transportation, and Telephone have been dropped, although any these frequencies can be programmed in the usual manner. Too bad that none of the service searches ever contains frequencies above MHz, a region now heavily used in many metropolitan areas. A new feature is “buried” in XLT owners’ manual, and is not mentioned in the advertisements. Say you don’t want mankal listen to the hospital paging on I was looking for a scanner operable in the dark, and the XLT fit the bill.

The four keys must be lit by incandescent bulbs, as they get warm to the touch. Since the solid rubber frequency keys are not lit, one can operate, but not program the XLT in the dark.


-> Instruction, users and service manuals for Uniden

When Uniden acquired the Bearcat line of scanners from Electra, they greatly improved the internal construction, but started using wider IF filters. The Uniden scanners are less selective than their predecessors, which means they are more prone to adjacent channel interference.

So far, I like the XLT. If your Bc760xly doesn’t succumb to “infant mortality,” chances are it will provide a few years of scanning fun. I listen to my XLTs every day. The trick to the XLT is getting one that works right out of the box.

Owners Manual for Uniden Bearcat bc 760xlt – Uniden Radio Communications

Visit your local Radio Shack and check it out. There you have it — the good, bad, and the ugly.

Can’t you find a mods, please don’t e-mail to me. All mods i have is listed on this site.! Back to start page. BCxlt review – the good, the bad, and the ugly English language. BC and xlt reset trick English language 0 Kbytes.

View all modification in one click. This can be a very big file.!! Have you any tips, trick or modifications you can’t find here, please E-mail them to me, or use the mail form.