Haber Yazmak – Prof. Dr Atilla Girgin, Dr. Seçil Özay at – YURTTAŞ GAZETECİLİĞİ Karşılaşılan her yeni şey, haberdir. Gerçek olan bir şeyin özetidir. HABER YAZMA İNCELİKLERİ NİHAN BORA. Haber Yazmak (3) Atilla Girgin. Uploaded by. Mehmet Keskin · Uploaded by. Mehmet Keskin · Mobile Importance. Uploaded by. Mehmet Keskin.

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He was telling that people were moving away, and there were glass pieces on the ground.

The broadcast consisted of the answers of journalistic questions. Yeni Medya ve Dokunmatik Toplum. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The term communication no doubt includes fashion, painting, textile, sculpture, all kinds of architecture, industrial and graphic design, advertising, popular culture, photograph, and mass media tools such as film, and television, as well as other products such as computer games, webpages, and newspaper and magazine design.

Whereas, an application, providing anyone having a smart phone and internet connection, the possibility of live streaming just by one click has a great potential for both citizen reporters and professional reporters.

This opportunity is even available to anybody using a cellular phone through applications that make live streaming possible by a single touch. For transforming the source material into news giegin events to be contextualized, the journalistic questions Who What When Where Why How must be answered.

Periscope, which is a mobile live streaming application, is one of them. But they must do so in a cultural and media environment where anyone with a mobile telephone or tablet computer and an internet connection has the same potential to reach listeners, viewers, and readers as a major television network or political party Lievrouw, Remember me on this computer. A one-month period was selected for this afilla Live streaming became a popular uaber in the realms of new media and citizen journalism after the launch of Periscope and Meerkat, however their predecessors emerged in Despite of attracting less audience than using Periscope for live reporting, another broadcasting category, actually having a serious potential is using Periscope for behind the camera.


However, those broadcasts are rather in the old media format than the new media format.

NEU Grand Library | TRNC Library

For example, when focusing on the numbers, use of Periscope for breaking news coverage has an undisputed hager in terms of attracting the audience.

How is Ankara attack being interpreted in Washington?

But the odds that a regular person will be there are close to percent. The citizen journalist who delivered the live reporting was narrating what ywzmak going on one hand, and invited to share it on Twitter to make more people to watch the broadcast on the other hand.

The second most-watched category in the above classification has been the use of Periscope for live reporting. Help Center Find new research papers in: Thus, during the preliminary studies which were carried out for shaping the sample, only 7 people from a list of 30 had broadcast on Periscope. Accessibility and Mobile Journalism. Mobile journalists are journalists who work alone in the field using mobile phones for newsgathering Karhunen, While walking, he was recording the surrounding and informing the audience as much as he could.

In dangerous or unfolding situations, be mindful that you could broadcast a worst possible scenario. Volume 6, Issue 2. Alternative and Activist New Media.


Use of Periscope yamzak Breaking News Coverage “When something newsworthy is happening where it is unexpected,the odds that a professional journalist holding a camera or video camera are small. Repositioning Journalism and its Publics. Rethinking Girtin as a Profession. April 15, girrgin Rosen, J.

Haber Yazmak

Conclusion Live broadcast, being in the monopoly of the conventional media in the past, has become a broadcasting opportunity accessible to much more people thanks to the developing digital technology. Volume 1, Issue 2. Follow the development of the atillla and science,also reforms itself. Vocational Bachelor’s Degree Master’s Degree 2.

There are several things to do before a reporter steps in front of the camera.

Nil Karaibrahimgil

Professional reporters to be included in the sample was restricted to the number of followers they had. Knows the necessity of lifelong learning with the awareness of the effect on the content. This study aims to identify, classify and reveal the properties of various reporting and interviewing styles in the new media by conducting the quantitative, qualitative, and discourse analysis of the live streaming of the professional and citizen reporters on Periscope.

Records of these broadcasts were kept including following information: Reporters should describe not only the events but also the environment. Yes, currently the women continue to come.

Interprate the radio,television and cinema productions with the critical view point. Knows the working principles of technical tools such as editing, light and sound. Lev Manovich, University of California, U.