The Edition of ASME QAI-1 incorporates the Edition of QAI-1 and revisions and additions approved by the QAI Standards Committee. (Revision of ASME QAI-1–). Qualifications for Authorized Inspection. ASME QAI-1– (Revision of ASME QAI-1–). Qualifications for Authorized. for Authorized Inspection, ASME QAI-1, requires that ASME Authorized Inspection Agencies shall obtain a valid ASME Certificate of Accreditation In order to.

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Asme Standards different asme standards. The survey will be scheduled by mutual agreement with the Applicant and will consist of a review of the Applicant’s rules for compliance with QAI-1 and its implementation. The Quality Manual and documentation which support understanding of the program must be in English. Any findings noted during the survey, are discussed between the Qai1 and the Team, and subsequently the Team Report is submitted to the ASME QAI Subcommittee on Asmw which either authorizes issuance of the Certificate or requests additional actions by the Applicant.

The Applicant is required to indicate the corresponding cross references to the provisions in the Quality Control Manual which address these elements. A fee is charged based on length of time of survey, including travel time, and travel expenses. Prices are subject to assme without notice.

ASME QAI 1 Qualification for Authorized Inspection

Please bear in mind that the fee ranges quoted are based on typical average surveys and that your survey could require more or less time. These estimates are not firm quotations. If your facility requires an extended survey, because of its complexity, the ranges could be exceeded.

The Survey Team will make every effort to conclude their visit in a minimum length of time.

Qal-1 Applicant must at the time of the survey present to the Team Leader commission card s from the National Azme of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors showing the inspector is employed by the organization whose name the Applicant wishes to appear on their Certificate of Accreditation.

If the Applicant is delegating part or all of the functions to an agent organization, then both the Applicant and the delegated organization should be represented during the survey. The invoice will include the Certificate fee if accreditation is recommended.


ASME QAI – Qualifications for Authorized Inspection

The Certificate will be issued upon successful evaluation by the Subcommittee and receipt of your payment. This deposit will be applied to the cost of the Survey. This program includes a planned audit program.

Accredited Organizations will be required as a condition of continuation of accreditation to accept audits as required by the QAI Subcommittee on Accreditation, including submittal of a deposit and acceptance of all fees involved in the audit. New Certificate Holders will require an audit approximately one year after issuance of their Certificate. Please submit the application through CA Connect.

In addition to the above, the Applicant will be charged for any committed travel and miscellaneous expenses associated with the scheduled survey.


ASME will make every effort to conduct an evaluation of an Applicant’s program at the earliest possible date after receipt of application forms and deposit. However, it should be expected that a lead time of four months is usual because of scheduled surveys of other ase.

A renewal survey will be scheduled approximately two to three months prior to the current expiration date to assure continuity of the Certificate. Effective with the issuance of the Edition of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, the electronic version, purchased from a licensed reseller is acceptable, as well as the as,e version by ASME. The rules published in the Standard and BPV Code Sections are subject to revision periodically qa-i1 become mandatory six months after the date of publication.

These addenda and supplements are provided to subscribers, as part of their basic subscription, to assure their awareness of the latest rules, revisions and interpretations. Reproduced documents from any source are not accepted for ASME accreditation, as they provide no assurance of completeness or that the user will be made aware of revisions and assme of the applicable Standard. Please indicate if the company chooses to use an abbreviation on the nameplate or in the stamping.

Access to the inspection site to conduct audits, reviews or surveys, including travel to and from the site, is the responsibility of the Applicant. Please list below the location s where the survey is to be conducted and at which there is documented evidence to demonstrate implementation of the program to be accredited.


However, there is an average lead time of four months due to scheduled surveys of other companies. To minimize costs for Applicants, ASME tries to schedule a series of surveys in the same area of the world. Therefore, in order for ASME to schedule your survey, please answer the following two questions.

Please note that if you check as soon as possible for Question 1, or a date much earlier than four months, we will in general only be able to schedule at those times, if another company in your area cancels their date.

ASME QAI-1 – PDF Free Download

Question 1 What is the earliest date that you are available for a survey? We, therefore, expect you to accept the qaai-1 that we assign.

Lack of acceptance may result in a long delay until the next series of surveys are scheduled in your area or a substantial increase in your costs if a Team must be sent to do your survey alone. We cannot schedule your survey until the completed application, fees and this completed form are received. The Jurisdiction applying for accreditation must indicate whether they accept the following principles inherent in QAI—1. Yes — complete 1. If yes, how is the relationship defined to jointly meet accreditation criteria?

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