He proudly notes that the combined Schwerpunkt and Rally Point scenarios are only 20 fewer than the combined scenarios from Avalon Hill’s ASL Annual and. I’m unable to locate a web presence for Sherry Enterprises to order their ASL products – Rally Point & Schwerpunkt scenarios. The old website. Schwerpunkt: A Forum of Independent ASL Scenario Design WW2 Twelve scenarios, easy-to-read format, includes tournament-sized as well as medium- sized.

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Moreover, these scenarios tend to be playednot merely resting in a binder somewhere. By any measure, these are true accomplishments.

One accomplishment Sherry neglected to mention is that, with the apparent defunctitude of Critical Hit magazine, Schwerpunkt is now also the longest continuously published ASL magazine and the only regularly published one. Given these milestones, it is perhaps timely to take a brief look at Schwerpunkt and where it stands today. Schwerpunkt occupies a somewhat unusual place in the ASL third party pantheon. However, it is not that well known to more newish ASLers, primarily due to a distinct lack of marketing the Schwerpunkt Web site is bare-bones and does not as of even have its own domain name; it does not accept on-line methods of payment; and does not have a strong presence with on-line retailers.

As a result, many novice ASLers will encounter other third party products before they come across Schwerpunkt.

Moreover, though Schwerpunkt is well known to veterans, sometimes it seems that it is a bit too well known. Perhaps because Schwerpunkt has been coming out each year so regularly and always in the same formatsome ASLers seem to take it for granted. Many ASLers, too, have dated impressions of Schwerpunkt scenarios; one still sees comments about Schwerpunkt scenarios being small, even though the trend for some time has been schwerpknkt larger scenarios though see below. Though Schwerpunkt scenarios still enjoy a high reputation, an increasing number of ASLers seem to be placing Schwerpunkt as the number two third party producer, in terms of scenario quality, behind the Friendly Fire packs.


Sherry Enterprises – Rally Point / Schwerpunkt Products | Advanced Squad Leader | BoardGameGeek

The results of this tabulation are highly interesting. Now, in any large collection of varied scenarios, one would expect a greater weight on late war scenarios, simply because the war was so much larger in than it was in, say, However, even taking this fact into account, it is remarkable what scheerpunkt high proportion of Schwerpunkt scenarios are set in the last 18 months of World War II.

The chart clearly indicates a strong bias on the part of Schwerpunkt towards late war scenarios. It is, moreover, a trend that has clearly increased over time although Issue 14 temporarily reversed it somewhat. There are a schwerppunkt of campaigns that Schwerpunkt has barely even touched, or in fact covered not at all.

Perhaps most remarkable is the dearth of East Front scenarios froma period that other scenario designers have mined for material most profitably. svhwerpunkt

Given this substantial late-war bias, it can be perhaps be seen how some people might legitimately perceive a certain sameness to Schwerpunkt scenarios.

SP15 continues the exact same format that all previous issues of the magazine have had. It consists of a short 24 page schwerpukt and white magazine and 12 black and white scenarios with no counter artwork on glossy cardstock. One wishes that Schwerpunkt might jazz up the scenario cards a bit, perhaps even trying a bit of color some day.

The 12 scenarios are, as noted above, heavily weighted towards late war scenarios. Germans ItalyFranceGermanyBritish vs. Germans FranceHollandCanadians vs.


Schwerpunkt: A Forum of Independent ASL Scenario Design

Germans FranceSoviets vs. In terms of size, SP15 has a slightly better mix than last year; 3 scenarios are small aso size, 4 are medium-sized, while the remaining 5 are largish. As is typical for Schwerpunkt, the SSRs tend to be few in number.

There is a substantial emphasis on using geomorphic mapboards from Action Packs 4 and 5; half of the scenarios utilize one or more of these boards.

In fact, SP15 has almost as many scenarios reported as SP13 and more than SP12, even though those earlier volumes have been around years longer than SP Among the scenarios of SP15, a number seem to be quite balanced and interesting.

The tactical situation and the victory conditions give this scenario a bit of an interesting twist.

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SP Smiling Albert is a smallish action that pits five Tiger tanks against two American tank destroyers. Also worth trying are SP Encircle This! In this scenario, a force of 17 British Elite and 1st Line squads, accompanied by a ton of AFVs including 9 Churchills of various kinds, 6 Ram Kangaroos, and a lone Bren gun carrier must capture a handful of multi-hex stone buildings on boards 4, 53, and 57 from a German force of 12 squads, 3 StuGs, 2 50mm AT guns, and an 88mm AT gun.

It has not been played very much to date, perhaps because of its size. Notify me of new posts by email. Periodical Country of Origin: This is an interesting assertion, and one that moreover can be checked for validity: