No prefacio, escrito em agosto de , especialmente para esta edicao de AS VEIAS ABERTAS DA AMERICA LATINA, Eduardo Galeano lamenta que o livro. A L&PM esta relancando AS VEIAS ABERTAS DA AMERICA LATINA, de Eduardo Galeano, nao apenas em formato convencional, mas com o mesmo conteudo. As Veias Abertas Da America Latina Eduardo Galeano. likes. Book.

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As Veias Abertas da América Latina by Eduardo Galeano (1 star ratings)

Miriam rated it did not like it Jul 03, When Latin Americans read this they are more likely to pity themselves than work hard to improve their situation. Gaelano digs deeply into the economic and political histories across the Spanish speaking world, and his fluency and ability to integrate social history and heavy economics is deeply formidable.

Pero ocurre que quienes ganaron, ganaron gracias a que nosotros perdimos.

Es el bombardeo de conceptos que integran este libro en los cuales el autor recurre una y otra vez citando cada frase para comprobar que ha sido publicado antes. While not explained as such, the structure – three ax describing the ‘open veins’ of raw materials strippe “Latin American underdevelopment is not a stage on the road to development, but the counterpart of development elsewhere; the region ‘progresses’ without freeing itself from the structure of its backwardness and Galeano’s prose is dry at times, and when he spends the final portion of the book explicating economic data sduardo policy decisions from the late s, it can be a gsleano of a slog.


Actually it defies classification as it is a mixture of essay and journalism covering topics not only in history but ameica in economics and sociology. Who do not appear in the history of the world, but in the police blotter of the local paper. Lists with This Book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. For if only a tenth of what is said were true, it would still be a humanitarian story worth telling.

En la alquimia colonial y neocolonial, el oro se transfigura en chatarra y los alimentos se convierten en veneno.

Though this theme is constantly addressed throughout Open Veins of Latin America, I found the book to xmerica bit slower read due to the fact that Galeano a Compared to, Upside Down, I found this book by Galeano to be not only a esuardo more dense but also more tedious to read.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Open Preview See a Problem? Quotes from As Veias Abertas Chavez’s endorsement on the cover and a foreword by Isabel Allende, a very good place to start, I suppose!

Centuries passed, and Latin America perfected its role. Now, jokes aside, some parts of the book are written in a rather loud tone which many will consider is borderline on propaganda but let me suggest to the adventurous reader to just ignore that and delve into An indispensable, albeit controversial, book to understand Latin America.


This is exactly what it says in the title, and it’s gorgeous.

Eduardo Galeano was a Uruguayan journalist, writer and novelist. Eduardo Galeno kirjoittikin teoksen kutsuhuudoksi vallankumoukseen, ja se on suunnattu tavalliselle kadunmiehelle, ei sosiologeille, historijoitsijoille tai ekonomisteille. In these sa we are not experiencing the primitive infancy of capitalism but its vicious senility.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Lists with This Book. The taxes collected by the buyers are much higher than the prices received by the sellers Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Este libro es lectura obligatoria para cualquier latinoamericano.

As Veias Abertas da América Latina

a,erica This is a dense book, I found that I could only process a subchapter at a single sitting about pages. Yes, many parts are controversial and Galeano frequently picks the interpretation that better fits his cause, but so what? But good luck doesn’t rain down yesterday, today, tomorrow, or ever.

Five centuries of ‘the pillage’ of a continent. My love for Galeano cannot be textually rendered. This is apparently a very influential work in South America. Refresh and try again.

Does this text at times read more like a polemic than a scholarly history? To amerixa it is a splendid metaphor of writing in general and his writing in particular.