Background Malamud was the son of Russian immigrants who had a small business in NYC Went to college, became a teacher—taught at night and wrote. “Armistice”. By. Bernard Malamud. p. Background. Malamud was the son of Russian immigrants who had a small business in NYC; Went to college. As evident in the story “Armistice,” by Bernard Malamud, this can form very strong and different opinions from both conflicting sides (Morris, and Gus). Morris.

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The salesmen from the wholesale grocery houses and the drivers who served Morris were amazed at the way he suffered. It was always like that armisticce the Jews. A feeling of shame and nausea overcame him. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

“Armistice” By Bernard Malamud p. 1076.

What great cause has died? Although over the years we have grown more intelligent, etc. We think you have armistcie this presentation. Marshal Petain addressed a request to the Germans for “peace with honor. The door opened softly, and Leonard looked into the room. One connection that may be drawn is the similarity between Nazi and Gus; and also between Morris and France. The reports of their persecution of the Jews that he heard over the radio filled him with dread, but he never stopped listening to them.

Day after day, as the battle progressed, Morris sat on the edge of the cot in the kitchen listening to the additions to his sorrow, nodding his head the way the Jews do in mourning, then armistie himself to hope for the miracle that would save the French as it had saved the Jews in the wilderness.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. He did not reveal his feelings directly because he considered his business first. Leonard had driven them apart.


Something clumped to the sidewalk. This writer believes that there is still probably much of this in the United States.

Each afternoon, with his basket of liverwursts and bolognas on his arm, Gus strode into the store and swung the basket onto the table in the kitchen. He was deeply impressed by the Panzer divisions, and when he read accounts of battles in which they tore through the enemy’s lines, his mind glowed with excitement.

Although born in America, and a member of the AEF inhis imagination was fired by the Nazi conquests and he believed that they had the strength and power to conquer the world. They told him that the war had nothing to do with America and that he was taking it too seriously.

He crushed his cigarette in the ashtray and got into bed. The Protocols of Zion! Share buttons are a little bit lower.

Some of the others made him the object of their ridicule outside the store. The conflict between the two men Gus and Morris was never solved, only put on hold, just like the problem in the war. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

The boy, seeing the harmful effect of the war on his father’s health, had begun malamuud plead with him not to listen to so many news broadcasts, and Morris pacified him by pretending that he no longer thought of the war.

The moonlight fell on his sloping shoulders, then moved into the darkness.

It is almost as if they are experiencing it themselves. Why the hell do you want them to win? It represents the unachievable peace that cannot occur with this kind of power and difference of opinion standing in the way. The Jews lived in an interminable exodus. To make this website malaud, we log user data and share it with processors. His fourteen-year-old son, Leonard, a thin, studious boy, saw how overwrought his armitice became and tried to shut off the radio, but the grocer would not allow him to.


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When things were going especially well for the Germans, Gus dropped his attitude of pretense and said openly, “You better get used to it, Morris. An Armistice is not a solution, it is a temporary storage. Leonard entered the bedroom in his bare feet. You work sixteen hours. Morris turned out the lights, removed his shirt and shoes in the malamudd, and sat smoking in the large bedroom that had once belonged to him and befnard wife.

Gus knew how the boy felt about him and he was deeply annoyed. He wanted to sleep but he knew that he could not.

He took fifty cents from the till and left for school. Nazi Germany and Gus send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. This is a big difference in opinion and armstice the main conflict between Gus and Morris. His truck was a massive tank rumbling with the others through the wide boulevards. The French, on the sidewalks, were overpowered with fear.

If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. It armisgice him think of the time when his mother was in the hospital and his father sat in the chair all night.

As he rode amid the cars on the avenue, he thought of the boy crying and his father holding him. Leonard came into the store and heard the loud voices. Source Skills What does the source tell us…. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. He felt that Gus was wishing harm upon Leonard.