Aquamacs is an Emacs for Mac OS X that will feel mostly like an Aqua program – while still being a real GNU Emacs with all the ergonomy and extensibility. Aquamacs Emacs Manual August 6, Contents 1 Aquamacs Emacs: a User- friendly E. Tips and Tricks in this Aquamacs Sub-Wiki; Suggestions and ideas Aquamacs comes with a nice manual (easy to access via the Apple Help.

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Sometimes you’ll want to explicitly change the coding style that Emacs uses when writing a file. To set the default font for all buffers, do M-x customize-face and type in default.

If you select ‘?

Clipboard operations interoperate with other Mac aqumacs. See Vagmi’s blog about it. That’s too long, so insert this in your. Aquamacs offers a dedicated manaul plus the good old Emacs manual directly via Apple Help environment – you can search both of them quickly with Spotlight and read the documentation comfortably. Gtypist is a program to help you learn to type. I did local-set-key, which was fine. Alternatively, you can also use just the right-hand side Command or Option keys for Meta, or many others.

If you get the weird Microsofty case where every other character in a. The lock files will remain after an editing session. TRAMP needs to recognize shell prompts on the remote system, which means Aquaacs need to set the Emacs variable named shell-prompt-pattern. If you want to experiment with Lisp programming, you’ll probably want to open a lisp file like init.

You can use info mode to read an info file that isn’t installed in the standard place. To set a color theme a set of colors for the foregrounds of all the types of text that Emacs displays: You can use it manually, or turn on autofit-frames-flag. This failed with an error, so I kept struggling and finally got it to work.


You can individually set each mode’s font, but there are some you can’t set. When you try to open a remote file with C-x C-f, the “ido” package will get in the way, so type another C-f to make it drop back to a normal find-file. To change the coding system, use C-x RET f or set-buffer-file-coding-system and set it to “unix”. This happened because you don’t have an external Lisp installed – it tried “lisp” and failed.

Click Save for Future Sessions and Finish. Aquamacs can open a normal OS X window for each file that is opened – Emacs experts call such windows frames. Then save the buffer, and the file will look good in Terminal.

Experiment, changing one face color at a time and restarting Aquamacs to see the results.

Aquamacs: Emacs for Mac OS X

Each of the aquamaccs basically defines attributes of a face. Here are some features that Aquamacs has to offer on top of all the advantages that come with Emacs:. Later, use “ssho” as usual to add the identity back. If I want to bind that to a key some day, the key should be C-c C-v. Since html-helper-mode doesn’t indent well, you can call an external “tidy” program to indent the buffer.

Aquamacs gives you all the standard Mac shortcuts like Apple-S, Apple-C, Apple-V – everything that you’re used to in addition to the fast, traditional Emacs key bindings. Printing just works the way you expect it to – with a preview and through the normal printing infrastructure.

The Emacs for the Mac

If the remote system prompts for a one-time-password, as nagman does, you’re screwed. Emacs remembers this, and then converts the contents to a canonical coding system used by Emacs, so the buffer looks good aquamac you.

A faster way is to use the face-list. That means that you can have customized designs for different types of files you’re editing. This is where I put stuff that I want in both Aquamacs and in regular emacs on Linux hosts. Your donations manial this project alive. By default, Aquamacs uses Lucida-Grande as the default font for all modes, including programming languages.


Use the command “ssh-add -D”. TRAMP uses “ls” when it establishes the connection, and won’t handle colors in the output of ls. TRAMP needs to recognize the prompt. I have to disable my ssh key to cause the remote system to prompt for a password. To install gtypist-mode, I. Go into info mode in Aquamacs, type ‘g’, and when it prompts “Go to node: Aquamacs remembers where your windows frames are.

A community around Aquamacs and a larger one around Emacs! This section describes setting the colors of the foreground. When I did this, I got an error, and Aquamacs was henceforth broken.

Aquamacs (Pete’s notes)

For help understanding html-helper-mode, see Keybindings for html-helper-mode version 1. Aquamacs additionally activates a number of packages that are provided with the default emacs, such as cua-base, ibuffer, recentf.

If you change the file and save it, it’ll still look screwy in Terminal. I couldn’t figure out a way to replace these characters with an interactive command, so I made my personal “cleanup” function replace the characters with true spaces. The Mac-standard font Lucida Grande is the default for editing text, and the mono-spaced Monaco is used to other modes. But if I did, you do it by gotting in the mode, then: Gtypist-mode is an Emacs mode that accesses the same tutorial files as Gtypist.