[PDF] Aqeedah Wasitiyyah By Imam Ibn Taymiyyah Aqeedah_al-Wasitiyyah_-_ , Download. Al-‘Aqeedah Al-Wasitiyyah Urdu Translation Version Book. Al-‘Aqeedah Al- Wasitiyya ranslation Version Book $ Lasaan Al Qur’an. Posts about aqeedah written by sughayyirah. Read the Arabic from here: .. 7From the Book: Sharh (Explanation of) Aqeedatul Wasitiyyah (arabic).

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We must unite upon the truth, upon the correct belief, upon good Islamic behavior. The callers nowadays are many. Reported by al Bukhaaree and Muslim And those who say: This is what the enemies want. And if it opposes other than it, then it is returned back to at tarjeeh giving preference to that which is more correct.

Al-‘Aqeedah Al-Wasitiyyah Arabic Only Version Book – Alhuda Online Books

And this is a condition which is a must. So based upon this, we say with regards to this discussion: Read the Arabic from here: Rather that differing which occurs due to following desires, or due to loyalty based on partisanship and groups.

As for the one who says: And We have surely created many of the jinn and humans for the Hellfire. Aaqeedah 1 — Introduction: That happens at the hands of the Scholars and rectifiers -those who call to unity and to leaving off splitting and differing for other than the truth. He was of good conduct and fearful of Allaah and earned respect gaining him authority in the religion and worldly affairs. He was eloquent in his writing and refuting the people of desires.


As are the organizations for calling, etc. He is well known and quick to comply with the truth and return to it.

[PDF] Aqeedah Wasitiyyah By Imam Ibn Taymiyyah

For more information taken from the excellent book Mountains of Knowledgelook here: From the perfection of His justice is that whoever performs good actions, seeking the reward which has been promised, then it is a must that the reward comes to pass for him. And from the scholars are those who say: And how often is it the case that two people have the same amount of knowledge yet the difference between their two stations with Allaah is like that between the Heaven and the Earth? For English translation, go wzsitiyyah www.

So wasktiyyah is upon the Muslims to remember this.

He has books numbering more than volumes. After calling to tawheed monotheism and making all worship afabic for Allaah only, that they rectify matters amongst themselves. He learnt from the scholars in his country and heard from their scholars such as Abu Bakr ibn Labaad rahimahullaah and Abu Fadl al-Qaysi rahimahullaah. But there is splitting. Listen to the Arabic: The mujrimoon disbelieving criminals will be known by their marks of blackness on their facesand they will be seized by their forelocks and their feet.


Until He said about the two Gardens, the first and the other see Soorah ar Rahmaan These groups have engulfed the Ummah and enmity has occurred between them. Rather the statement of the Companion certainly constitutes a proof — with the condition that it does not oppose a text, and that it does not oppose wasitiiyyah than it. How can we say: The elders amongst the people of knowledge recognized his status. Then this is a corrupt principle which is not correct.

He was known as Maalik as- Sagheer young Maalik because of his adherence to the Sunnah. He was an imam from the Maaliki school of thought in his time without following blindly the school of thought as many others did much later but rather he was a role model to his people in spreading the benefits of Imam Maalik rahimahullaah which stemmed from the Quran and the Sunnah in the understanding of the companions.

Due to the importance of this belief many scholars past and present have explained it and concerned themselves in spreading it to the people.