For a full-text version, see Larry D. Benson’s online edition from the Middle English Texts Series: The Alliterative Morte Arthure Summary: Several Roman. The The Alliterative Morte Arthure Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author. Malory in his second main section, The Noble Tale betwixt King Arthur and Lucius the Emperor of Rome, closely follows not a French romance, as he does in the.

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Then he romed and rored and rudely he strikes Full egerly at Arthur and on the erthe hittes; A sword-lenghe within the swarth he swappes at ones That ner swoones the king for swough of his dintes!

Alliterative Morte Arthure Translations

Turn hither your ears and hear this history! May great, glorious God, through His singular grace, And the precious prayers of His peerless Mother, Help us shun shameful ways and wicked works, And grant us grace to guide and govern us here, In this woeful world, through virtuous ways, That we may hurry to His court, the Kingdom of Heaven, When the spirit must be split and sundered from the body, To dwell and abide with Him in bliss forever; And help me to pour forth some words here and now, Neither empty nor idle, only honor to Him, And pleasing and helpful to all people who hear.

Valerie Krishna in The Romance of Arthur: Many people find they can at least start the process by using vowel-sound equivalents from various European languages: Thou shall be handsomer in hie, with the help of my Lord! Throly belles they ring and Requiem singes, Dos masses and matins with mornand notes; Religious reveste in their rich copes, Pontificalles and prelates in precious weedes, Dukes and douspeeres in their dole-cotes, Countesses kneeland and claspand their handes, Ladies languishand and lowrand to shew; All was busked in black, birdes and other, That shewed at the sepulture with syland teres; Was never so sorrowful a sight seen in their time!


I have concentrated on the vowels because they seem to cause the most trouble. Stoutly into that struggle he strikes at another, And sets on seven with his stalwart knights– Till sixty were so served, ceased they never.

This table shows you passages from two published translations of the Alliterative Morte. Bear my blessing, men, in burying these lords Who were slaughtered by sword in struggle today.

Not to be copied, used, or revised without explicit written permission from the copyright owner. Yes, they did things duly, those daring alliterrative, Fixing lances in fewters freely on their iron-grey horses, With their skewering spears savagely dueling, And shearing off shields their shining goldwork.

Alliherative were never made merrier on this earth.

Then the giant cast away his club and clutched the King On the crest of the crag, clamping him in his arms, And enclosing alliterativve completely to crush his ribs, Hugging him so hard his heart almost burst. The Alliterative Morte Arthure is a line Middle English alliterative poemretelling the latter part of the legend of King Arthur. Arthur also has two legendary swords, the first being Excalibur referred to as Caliburn, an earlier name of the swordand the second one being Clarenta formal sword, stolen by Mordred, with which Arthur receives his fatal blow close to the banks of the Tamar.

Translating the

Then he bellowed, he roared, and frenziedly swung Full fiercely at Arthur, but struck into the ground. Arthur turned into Tuscany when the time seemed ripe, And tumultuously took its high-towered towns, Welting down walls, wounding knights, Overturning towers and tormenting the people. Thou art too high by mprte half, I hete thee in trewth!

Compared to many of the other depictions of Arthur’s story, arthude Alliterative Morte Arthure is a relatively realistic version of events.

Sternly in that assault he struck another, And set on seven more with his stalwart knights: Let no wicked weed in this world take root and thrive– I warn you, by your worth, work as I bid.


Constantine my cosin he shall the crown bere, Als becomes him of kind, if Crist will him thole! Then the mournful maidens fell to the earth, Kneeling and crying, and clasped their hands: Arthur is a more political and also flawed ruler, the story is not just based in a small realm but is always placed within a wider European situation and this Arthur is more clearly Christian than other versions.

Then Arthur stabbed him savagely with a dagger, Repeatedly hitting into the hulk to the very hilt. He is not simply the villain of the piece as he is in other poems but is a complex character with a varying personality.

Not to be copied, used, or revised without explicit written permission from the copyright owner.

Reading the

The fairest on earth that alliteraive were framed Stretched as far as a furlong, a thousand all told. You who love to listen and long to hear Of our ancestors of old and their awesome deeds, How they were loyal to their religion and loved God Almighty, Hear me with good humour!

From Spain to Prussia word spread about him, With talk of his extravagance; and terrible was the bitterness.

Then the baronage of Britain, bishops and others, Shaped with shuddering hearts to go to Glastonbury To bury their brave sovereign, bearing him to earth With all the honour and high ceremony any man could have. Courteous and kind they were, accomplished in court manners, And won in rathure wars a wealth of honours, Slaying wicked Lucius, the Lord of Rome, And conquering that kingdom by skill in arms. If Xlliterative has fared well, fair fortune be with her.