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The last term is used as a descriptive tool rather than in essentialist terms. Currently, the fundamental obstacle setting its limits is still defined by the social relationships specific to capitalism. Theoretical research programs that combine theory construction with comparative research are badly needed to take the world-systems approach beyond the stage of a perspective. It pervades the very texture of dominant cultures, and prepares the minds and feelings for an adversary, hostile attitude towards the temporarily weaker pfobabilidad.

The real option therefore is not regulation or deregulation, but what type of regulation and in whose interests?

Nonetheless, this serious crisis coincides with a new leap in the development of productive forces.

Immanuel Message Immanuel Messages Feb 4, The analysis shows that the supply of money is determined by demand. The idea that the other individuals who are Samir Amin neither citizens nor entrepreneurs—women, workers—should enjoy rights is still a stranger. All these questions remain perpetually open. They try to seize the opportunity to dismantle the Korean productive system no less, under the pretext that the latter would be dominated by monopolies!

Amin, Spectres of Capitalism, op cit. Undoubtedly, in times of deep crisis, like the present, there is a great temptation to go back to a pre-modern stance and claim that while human beings believe that they make their own history, in reality history takes place quite apart from their activity.


Now there are surely differences in the particular interpretations of history involved here. Since the 16th century, culture bearers from Europe have imposed Christian beliefs and capitalist principles that in most regions were counterproductive or destructive to the local. The motives leading to these conclusions are understandable: The system adjusts each time according to results produced by the effective actions of individuals who interact in the markets.

This is the case in our moment of crisis, and religious fundamentalism as well as the resort to ethnicism are manifestations of it. When Vasco de Gama landed on the coast of India in Calicut inhe was surprised to find Christians there. These countries entered the industrial revolution, in the sense that they constructed some national industrial productive systems, as a result of which they are either effectively competitive Korea is the best example or at least are potentially so without however, excluding possible involution in real history.

At the other extreme was the example of the open website through which Noam Chomsky was honored on the recent occasion of his seventieth birthday.

The conjunction of zylberrberg transformations, whose importance I do not overlook, only indicates that we are indeed at the crossroads and that the alternatives have to do precisely with social relations ignored in the dominant discourses. Then, trade, capital flows and migration of workers would create conditions for the homogenization at the world level, of an authentic globalisation of the economy. If one pretends that this thing the true exchange rate producing external equilibrium exists and that one could know what it amounts to, one poses the wrong question, and, consequently, one can only provide a response bereft of any meaning.


JWSR – v6n3 – Festschrift for Immanuel Wallerstein Part II

The movement from local to global, from national to transnational is an additive process that acts upon former structures, disintegrating or otherwise transforming them.


Neither the concepts—nor the realities—of what is or what could be the market and democracy are questioned in this discourse. Protests against it are more pronounced in the richer societies of the center than among the poor of the periphery whose peoples aspire to a little bit of this consumption of Samir Amin which only the privileged can see the limits.

The world system perspective grew from several different sources. The latter in turn defines what we call modern democracy. The crisis of the power system is seen as the crisis of Western civilization.

This is why primitive accumulation endured this second phase of capitalism. Rahnema, Majid and Victoria Bawtree, eds.

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They are situated at a totally different level: Results of this financial globalisation are already apparent. As can already be seen, major social movements, as those of the landless in Brazil or unemployed in France have assumed the dimension of a political challenge.

In the same way, none of the most prominent economists has been able to find an answer to the question: In Europe proper, Rome was gradually succeeded alejadnro the rise of catholic Christendom, albeit at a much slower pace than the four circles of the Orient.

The purposes of JWSR are: