Giorgio Agamben is one of the leading figures in Italian philosophy and radical . Agamben argues in Stanzas that to the extent that Western culture accepts the. Stanzas has 94 ratings and 5 reviews. Alexander said: There’s a good chance that Stanzas is probably my favorite of Agamben’s many wonderful books, if on. Agamben – Stanzas – Word and Phantasm in Western Culture – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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Word and Phantasm in Western Culture Theory and history of literature. Against this destruction of experience, which is also extended in modern philosophies of the subject such as Kant and Husserl, Agamben argues that the recuperation of experience entails a radical rethinking of experience as a question of language rather than of consciousness, since it is only in language that the subject has zgamben site and origin.

Agamben traces earlier versions of the term ‘form-of-life’ throughout the development of monastic life, beginning with the establishment of a genre of written rules in the fourth century. Philosophy Beside Itself Stephen Melville.

In this unique work, Giorgio Agamben attempts to reconfigure the epistemological foundation of Western culture. Story and Situation Ross Chambers. But for Agamben, reflection on the enigma of the posthistorical condition of man thus presented necessitates a fundamental overturning of the metaphysico-political operations by which something like man is produced as distinct from the animal in order for its significance to be fully grasped.

Importantly, Agamben argues that it is precisely this non-coincidence of the speaking being and living being and the impossibility of speech revealed in it that provides the condition of possibility of testimony.

Giorgio Agamben (1942– )

Ryan Gato rated it really liked it Dec 02, Dawn rated it really liked it Feb 20, Giorgio Agamben is one of the leading figures in Italian philosophy and radical political theory, and in recent years, his work has had a deep impact on contemporary scholarship in a number of disciplines in the Anglo-American intellectual world.


For Aristotle, the transition from voice to language is a founding condition of political community, since speech makes possible a distinction between the just and the unjust. Man and Animaltr. Language and Death Giorgio Agamben. In this study of medieval monastic rules, Agamben offers a genealogical approach to several concepts that Ludwig Wittgenstein established in his late philosophy, primarily the Philosophical Investigations: Lung Danut-Lucian rated it really liked it Oct 06, Modernism and Hegemony Neil Larsen.

More specifically, Agamben addresses how this prolonged state of exception operates to deprive individuals of their citizenship. In the same sense, Agamben talks about “ease” as the “place” of love, or “rather love as the experience of taking-place in a whatever singularity”, which resonates his use of the concept “use” in the later works. Il potere sovrano e la nuda vitaGiulio Einuadi, In The Coming Communitypublished in Italian in and translated into English by longtime admirer Michael Hardt inAgamben describes the social and political manifestation of his philosophical thought.

Since he has been best known for this ongoing project, the volumes of which have been published out of order, and which include:. Related Publications Means without End Notes on Politics An essential reevaluation of the proper role of politics in contemporary life.

But how Agamben will develop this resolution and the ethico-political implications of it in large part remains to be seen. Theory and History of Literature, Volume In this volume, Foucault argued that modern power was characterized by a fundamentally different rationality than that of sovereign power.

As such, it is akin to Max Weber ‘s concept of charisma. Rather, it is exactly in the crisis of contemporary politics that the means for overcoming the present dangers also appear. These individuals were termed as ” enemy combatants. Employing diverse short essays he describes the nature of “whatever singularity” as that which has an “inessential commonality, a solidarity that in no aggamben concerns an essence”.


Remnants of Auschwitztr. Search Site only in current section. This is the problem of potentiality, the rethinking of which Agamben takes to be central to agamebn task of overcoming contemporary nihilism.

During this period, Agamben began to elaborate his primary concerns, although their political bearings were not yet made explicit. This division is at the origin of Western culture and renders impossible the possession of any object of knowledge.

Stanzas: Word and Phantasm in Western Culture by Giorgio Agamben

Homo sacer State of exception Whatever singularity Bare life Auctoritas Form-of-life The zoe — bios distinction as the “fundamental categorial pair of Western politics” [2] The paradox of sovereignty [3]. U of Minnesota Press- Literary Criticism – pages. A chronological and complete bibliography December is available here. Notes stanzws Politicstr.

Freud or the absent object; Marx or the universal exposition; Baudelaire or the absolute commodity; Beau Brummel or the appropriation of unreality; Mme Aganben or the toy-fairy.

It is the simple fact of one’s own existence as possibility or potentiality Giorgio Agamben draws on Carl Schmitt’s definition of the Sovereign as the one who has the power to decide the state of exception or justitiumwhere law is indefinitely “suspended” without being abrogated.