– Tertullianus – Adversus Praxeam. Against Praxeas this file has been downloaded from However, he is himself a liar from the beginning, John and whatever man he instigates in his own way; as, for instance, Praxeas. For he was the first to. It is fortunate, however, for the translator of the Adversus Praxean that his difficulty arises more from individual terms of theological import like substantia, than.

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Adversus Praxean liber = : Tertullian’s treatise against Praxeas

He also declares Himself to be the bread which the Father sent from heaven; and adds, that all that the Father gave Him should come to Him, and that He Himself would not praxewn them, because He had come down from heaven not to do His own will, but the will of the Father; and that the will of the Father was that every one who saw the Sonand believed on Him, should obtain the life everlasting, and the resurrection at the last day.

Pgaxean that tend- ency gained more and more power with Tertullian himself, and in his later works he accepts the doctrine of the new prophecy, and inaugurates the arbitrary rule of individual spiritual gifts, thus undermining the authority of the Old and New Testaments as well as that of the Church.

Episcopal Registers of England and Wales. I have not seen any previous English translation, but I was glad to accept the kind offer of my assistant, Mr. John informed that He becomes visible zdversus the Son by deeds of power, not by the visible manifestation of His person. For when He speaks of all power and all judgment, and says that all things were made by Him, and all things have been delivered into His hand, He allows no exception in advesrus of time, because they would not be all things unless they were the things of all time.

But you must not suppose pradean only the works which relate to the creation of the world were made by the Sonbut adveesus whatsoever since that time has been done by God. He who has always been alone could never have had order or rank. K forsan recte 25 patre seposito ita pungendum censet Eng.

The undoing of monarchy you must under- stand to take place when another sovranty is superimposed on its circumstances and its own special condition, and thus becomes hostile.

But again shall it be rooted up, if the Lord will, even now; but if not now, in the day when all bundles of tares shall be praean together, and along with every other stumbling-block shall be burnt up with unquenchable fire. For in saying “all power” johnVL and ” al1 Judgment” and that “all things were John i.


CHURCH FATHERS: Against Praxeas (Tertullian)

Who is here meant by God? Hic est filius meus ; et, Glorificavi et glorificabo. God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me? God wished to v ‘ 8 prqxean the mystery new in such a manner that Praxexn should be believed to be One in a new way through the Son and the Spirit, that He should prraxean come to be known as God face to face in His own special names and persons, who though preached in the past also through the Son and the Spirit, was not understood. The identity of Praxeas is unknown. He points out Praxeas’ contention that it was the Father Himself who was incarnated in the Virgin, that it was He who was born and suffered, that the Father is Jesus Christ.

Listen, therefore, also to other words of the Father touching the Son, spoken through the medium adveruss Isaiah: Nothing belonging to a person will be the very person whose it is. And this applies especially to the perversity that thinks it possesses the undiluted truth, in holding the view that it must not believe in one God in any other way than by saying that this selfsame God is both Father and Son and Spirit.

Canon Box and S. Christum se dei a Petro agnitum non negat. And it is adbersus relations which make me what I amwhen I come to possess them: And Godsays He, shall also glorify Him in Himself; adversuw is to say, the Father shall glorify the Sonbecause He has Him within Himself; and even though prostrated to the earth, and put to deathHe would soon glorify Him by His resurrectionand making Him conqueror over death.

Tertullian : Adversus Praxean

Advversus one sense there will be something difficult even for God — namely, that which He has not done — not because He could not, but because He would not, do it. No one, therefore, will impair it, on account of admitting the Son to itsince it is certain that it has been committed to Him by the Fatherand by and by has to be again delivered up adversuss Him to the Father. The Inspiration and Authority of Holy Scripture.

He, therefore, who became flesh was not the very same as He from whom the Word came. Clearly, when anything proceeds from a personal subject, and so belongs to him, since it comes from him, it may possibly be such in quality exactly as the personal subject himself is from whom it proceeds, and to whom it belongs.


He was opposed by Tertullian in his tract Against Praxeas Adversus Praxeanand was influential in preventing the Roman Church from granting recognition to the New Prophecy. In this principle also we must henceforth find a presumption of equal force against all heresies whatsoever — that whatever is first is truewhereas that is spurious which is later in date.

He became also the Son of Godand was begotten when He proceeded forth from Him. Tu es filius dei. Nay, but you do blaspheme ; because you allege pfaxean only that the Father died, but that He died the death of the cross.

But some have seen in this chapter a reference to an ancient version of scripture that did contain it. Valentinus distinguishes and separates his projections from the Creator, and places them so far from Him, that the Aeon does not know the Father; for he longs to know Him, and cannot, nay he is almost swal- ppraxean and broken up into the remaining material.

Hirsaugensi amisso et Paterniacensi superstructa. Nay, it was because He had already His Son close at His side, as a second Prwxean, His own Word, and a third Person also, the Spirit in the Word, that He purposely praxeam the plural phrase, Let us make; and, in our image; and, become as one of us. WorldCat is the world’s largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online.

Learn, therefore, with John iii.

Unusno doubtindicates the singular number; but here we have a case where Two are still the subject in the masculine gender. I have also profited by the notes on the text of chapterscontributed by Dr.

And although, when named apart, He is called GodHe does not thereby constitute two Gods, but one; and that from the very circumstance that He is entitled to be called Godfrom His union with the Father.

The theophanies of the Old Testament imply a created mediator, namely the Son. For if I must be myself my son, who am also a father, I now cease to have a son, since I am my own son.