I went on Digikey, armed with a data sheet, and there do appear I searched on “MOSFET dual gate” and RF Fets, and found a bunch. MOSFET datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. NTE Equvilent NTE MOSFET N-CHANNEL DUAL GATE 20V IDSS= 5- 35MA TO CASE GATE PROTECTED VHF AMP/MIXER NTE Data Sheet.

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40673 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Now all this said there is perhaps a different case for the ol TL and the likes but still they are cheap. But what prompted this piece was a far more egregious example 406733 an old component still being specified: I used it a fair bit. I sure hope not!. Does that mean everyone suddenly needs to not design with through hole parts anymore? I encourage everybody to design with that part so it will be continue to be made! I only buy 1 nF, 10 nF, nF etc.

I did a little searching — Dons site has a LOT of stuff! These were balanced mixers, the extra transistors irrelevant because it was in an IC.

Most of what Burr Brown was making was carried over to AD with nary a change in part number. As a fresh-faced electronic engineering student while the first Gulf War was raging in a far-off desert, I learned my way through the different families of 74 logic at a university in the North of England.


I would say every through-hole part in the world is on datashedt verge of datashedt eliminated.

So blindly switching from HC to AC is a bit dangerous. Granted, the AD part is a much better chip.

NTE Equivalent NTE MOSFET N-CHANNEL DUAL – Wholesale Electronics

Happened to stumble across two of those in my old bag of bits just the other day. Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM, they say, but perhaps they should be fired for specifying an AD logarithmic moosfet in an amateur radio power meter.

The hobbyist, like the supplier, could keep a limited selection around, yet build anything within a certain level of specs. Don Lancaster may have written something on the topic, though finding it might not be so easy.

The WWW allows us to find what we need in short order, and the miracle of global distribution means that we can have it delivered within 48 hours almost wherever we live. As a mixer with LO input: Manufacturer names and part numbers would be better. So you take your 5-year guaranteed availability promise if mosfft even get mosfe, be grateful as hell for it — yes sir, very well sir, thank you sir — and call it a day.

So that may no longer be a source, especially if you want leads. The 1n34a is such a part that does not seem to see much need outside of hobbyist radio circles. The most commonly seen alternative NE is probably equally suitable, but a bit more expensive. Get a 1N82 if you wanted better frequency response, thy were found in UHF tv tuners.


Rochester electronics is one such place that will supply parts albeit expensively until the cows come dataaheet. The 45 dB range 8 bits in voltage devices are dirt cheap and super common.

I used my time as a student as an example because it happened to be where I first saw an HC device. Circabipolar transistors also had improved noise figure. We therefore tend to stick with the devices and components we know, regardless of their cost or of whether they have been superseded, and our work is poorer for it. Just an example off the top of my head, nothing against AD parts in general: BF, unless my memory fails me.

Skyworks do detector diodes that are much better than the old germanium ones. Make a circuit with me.

The Curse Of The 40673: Zombie Components That Refuse To Die

The same thing happened when AD acquired Burr Brown. Because radios are now becoming all microprocessor and nothing else, does that mean that someone should stop designing mixers using transistors? By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies.